Sunday, 27 March 2011

Things and that

I kind of hate winding balls of wool.  But the nice thing about doing it by hand is getting to know all the colours and variations I can expect to find whilst knitting it.  And the big lumpy knots, as you get with noro.  But thats OK, life's too short to moan!  So because I had looked at each and every bit, I was really looking forward to knitting certain bits, especially the yellow bit!
Its going to be a waistcoat, I've decided.  I am going to shape the back somehow to make it a bit more feminine rather than boxy.   I considered brioche, but went with broken rib for the sake of yarn economy and ease of knitting.  I have wound the second ball now, which strangely didn't seem to have any yellow in it. 

Also, a little pig has decided to join the farm...
the raw wool is looking like wool, rather than a big fluffy pile of crap
And we had a lovely day out in canterbury.  I love seeing them stroll along together.  Mega excitement about going to our favourite bakers, one with a much more exotic variety of iced and decorated things than the local ones have to offer.  Simple pleasures!
babywearing is a lot more enjoyable now the weather is warm enough for me not to need a big coat
gosh I look bonkers.  never mind.


  1. Love your pig! And you don't look bonkers (just little serious).

    Hope you have a lovely Sunday :-)

  2. thanks, that is my **pleeeease don't drop the phone son*** expression! Now to knit more baby pigs...


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