Friday, 25 March 2011

a crazy friday challenge to myself...

... I saw this linked to on a beautiful german blog.

No way can I do it in german without some major, major errors.  I might just be able to do some of it in english...expect errors, all the same

1.  breathe deeply, and then breathe out again.  Do this for as long as possible.
2. (not sure how to translate this without it sounding odd..)  Never say never when it comes to trying something new

3.  what will happen when I am too old or ill to knit?  This worries me sometimes.

4.  desires can be obstacles to the very satisfaction they promise
5.  my blog is a love/hate thing
6.  An afternoon in the sun is as good as a short holiday
7.  This evening I've been shopping online for fun summery clothes for the children, tomorrow I'm planning to take them to canterbury wholefoods, and on Sunday, I'd like to do some gardening :)

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