Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Sock knitting and more eBay junk

Oh eBay, how I love thee. This lot cost £3 Inc postage. I just love them, mostly I was after the little crib but the dolls are sweet despite their plastickiness. Sadly I think the outfits, one of which is original, will have to be replaced as they are pretty manky.

And a tiny knitted blanket is definitely called for! That can be my next need-a-break-from-longies project. When I finished the first leg (on schedule woo!) I knitted this

My second ever sock! The first was an acrylic trial last year for which I did not knit a partner. Must make sure this pair gets completed before I forget how I did it!

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A simple vintage style pyjama case

I have a love hate thing with the sewing machine. It can do magic stuff, but wants you to believe it will be simpler than it ends up being (this is prob just me.)

Anyway I suddenly had the idea for this today and it filled the urge to sew. It is very easy indeed, just straight lines. It took about half an hour of the babys nap, leaving me time to wash up too, oh yay.

Lay out fabric and mark a rectangle with proportions of 3:1. I drew round this book 3 times.

Fold fabric along long edge and cut out, so you now have a rectangle of 3:2. I found the iron at this point!

Rootle through your ribbon tin


Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, rs together, and pin trimming inside one short edge.

Sew it in, turn at the corner and carry on along about halfway down the long edge.

Now sew up the other end and up the side, leaving a few inches to turn rs out. Press.

Fold the end with trim up a bit. About this much.

Fold the other end down about this much

Sew a seam down either side, turn rs out and you are finished!

You could make it in a more interesting shape. I probably couldn't though!

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

When my babies are grown

I had my first baby young. I was pregnant before I moved out at 17. I love my babies and every moment I am blessed enough to spend with them.

And yet I wonder what I'll do when they have flown the nest...I'm nowhere near ready for them to grow up yet, but a little bit of me is waiting for the day I can wake up, and realise the whole day is mine.

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Internet shopping...

Is way too much fun. This came today and dan has been playing with it more than my girlie

She prefers this, which turned up from eBay and is about 50 years old. Apparently.

He just fits in here

Also today, the furnicular got strung accross the hall

And some awesome pictures drawn

As well as more longie knitting of course.

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A good use for a spare sling

My girl hasn't actually slept on a mattress for months now. I fear we might end up having to buy her a proper hammock though instead of a big girl bed!

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Monday, 23 August 2010

Tubular knitted pencil pocket

Here is a little pattern for a pocket on a necklace for any other toddlers who, like my girl, love to cart pencils around the house with them.

It's made slightly more interesting for the knitter by being worked in tubular knitting, where both sides are worked at once on two needles...it's magic! Apparently you can even knit socks this way.


Cast on 22 sts (or any even number) on needles of an appropriate size. I used twilleys dk on 4mms. Now work as follows:

K1, yf, sl 1 pw, yb.
And just carry on like that to the end. Then turn and exactly the same, so you'll be knitting the slipped sts of the previous row and vice versa. Make sure to bring the yarn forward for each sl st or the sides will end up tethered.

After an inch or so you'll be able to do this

to make sure you haven't knitted a sl st or something. Worth checking every once in a while (guess how I know!)

When it is as long as you need it to be, it is of course time to cast off, which requires a spare needle.

Knit the first st. Sl the next st onto the spare needle, and knit the next st. Pass the 1st over the one just knitted as you usually would. Just carry on like this, putting the sts belonging to the other side onto the holder whilst casting off those facing you. It will look a bit like this:

Once you only have sts left on the holder, you can cast those off like usual. Then you're done! Just make a chain or cord so your little one can carry their pencil of choice hands free (obviously keep an eye out to make sure they don't strangle themselves).

I'm quite liking the way it looks inside out

And am tempted to knit a looser one and then felt it in the washing machine. Felting is an addiction, you see.

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Tubular knitting

Am on track with the longies so took a little break for some novelty knitting! Tubular knitting is fab, like circular knitting on straights. Magic

Doesn't look like much yet!

My boy is out with family today. The baby has played with allsorts, especially cars and dolls. Simultaneously.

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My poor baby has had a lot more bumps since learning to walk. She had an almighty one today so kept her nearby

This is not the fastest way to knit, but it is one of the nicest. I think the colours will suit her

I have done and am satisfied with the short rows. The wraps aren't too obvious.

Now I just have to make it the waistband. I hope to cast on the other leg by the weekend...

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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Longies progress...

On I trudge with my first knitted longies. Have made a few soakers but they were much quicker, especially as these are knitted on smaller needles to make them a bit more bombproof. The scariest thing though is the pattern...which I am completely making up as I go along so they'd better fit! This is because I want something slim fitting which won't drag on the ground or trip her up, especially as I am trying to add a little length in for growth.

The legs were going to be joined in the round at this point but I couldn't find circular needles in the right size, so am working each half separately. Now I have to add in short rows. Wish me luck.

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Another jumper

This one is a little shorter in length so I really hope if lasts all winter. I am pleased with the front opening, I think it's pretty sweet. I have forgotten the name of the wool (but not the price eek!) I love rainbow things!

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Well here is some wintry knitting.

I'm still not too sure I should've put pink and orange together...but this cardi seems soooooo warm. And the wool is just gorgeous, it was from nimu (really wish she sold dk regularly, or maybe did custom dying or something!)

And I love this pattern:

Which is really easy but a bit different. Once I started a green cardi for me with this pattern and sadly it looked a lot like cannabis leaves so never got finished!

Might post some more later when I don't have a sweaty, sleepy baby on my lap!

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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Winter knitting jitters

It feels like autumn is coming already. I guess summer will show up in October or something crazy, but today was a day for this

And this

Although some crazy children thought this was perfectly reasonable

Wow I really need to clean that paddling pool.

Will share some more wintry knitting tomorrow.

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