Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A simple vintage style pyjama case

I have a love hate thing with the sewing machine. It can do magic stuff, but wants you to believe it will be simpler than it ends up being (this is prob just me.)

Anyway I suddenly had the idea for this today and it filled the urge to sew. It is very easy indeed, just straight lines. It took about half an hour of the babys nap, leaving me time to wash up too, oh yay.

Lay out fabric and mark a rectangle with proportions of 3:1. I drew round this book 3 times.

Fold fabric along long edge and cut out, so you now have a rectangle of 3:2. I found the iron at this point!

Rootle through your ribbon tin


Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, rs together, and pin trimming inside one short edge.

Sew it in, turn at the corner and carry on along about halfway down the long edge.

Now sew up the other end and up the side, leaving a few inches to turn rs out. Press.

Fold the end with trim up a bit. About this much.

Fold the other end down about this much

Sew a seam down either side, turn rs out and you are finished!

You could make it in a more interesting shape. I probably couldn't though!

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