Monday, 28 March 2011

A tale of two yarns...(day 1 knitting and crochet blog week)

its day one of International knitting and crochet blog week, see here to find out more!  Well, here is my fave yarn right now (I won't say ever, my fave yarn is generally the one I am knitting with at any moment!)

Noro kochoran...not awfully original...but awfully cheerful and soft!

just so pretty, I love the colours, and I love the way they don't suddenly ping from one colour to another.  I love the length of each colour...not so long I get bored, but not so short that the knitting becomes a garbled mess...this is across 121 sts, I think I will like it even more across slightly less than that...

And now for a yarn which disappointed me through no fault of its own.  Sometimes you just can't imagine what something will look like knitted up.  In the skein, I thought this mirasol yarn looked a bit rugged, a  bit heavier than dk, and nice and warm
Its actually a much nicer deep chocolate brown that that.  Anyway as I wound it I realised it was very thick and thin, which I hadn't noticed in the skein, and that totally spoilt my vague intentions for it. 

I did try knitting the vest I had imagined it would be great for, as documented here...

but then frogged it.  The yarn wasn't to blame, it just wasn't what I'd imagined, and I had to make too many compromises to what I originally planned to be happy with it.   I have decided to see how it will felt, as I really am not a great fan of the thick and thiness, and so have knitted this little nest (which was fun cos I like short rows)

which is now in the washing machine.  If it comes out great, I might knit a bigger bowl with it.  if not, it might become something for abi, as she looks great in brown and could do with some summery knits.


  1. I love the nest! It would look great on a Spring nature table with some eggs in - please tell me that's what you're doing!!! :-)

  2. yes indeedy! in act its the 2nd one I've knitted for that purpose to test hte pattern out, I spose the children can have one each! It did felt nicely too.


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