Monday, 28 February 2011

Monday...gosh that counter down there is nearly on 10,000

which is pretty awesome so thankyou for visiting!  I feel like I should have some sort of minor celebration when it finally ticks over!  Anyway...I have been knitting a thing (well, several things, but this is the thing which has taken over from shalom) with the 200g of yarn I got in the sales.  200g is not a lot, but I was determined to knit a me-thing...I bought this yarn beacuse *I* liked it, not because it would suit someone else or make a practical childs cardigan etc.  So how to make it go as far as possible?

Why, dropped stitches of course (at least, thats the plan...if it gets past my tummy button then I shall be most satisfied)

Which made the whole top down raglan shaping thing a bit more, er, thought-provoking, but it seems to be holding together so far.

At the moment, it looks as I had hoped, a bit rugged but nice and light.  I don't generally liked those ribbon yarn drop stitch scarves and tops which have been rather popular, but I think I can cope with this as the yarn is slubby and thick and thin and most definitely wool (but soft).  Now I have to make the armholes work, sigh.

Also I decided to do a bit of sewing.  Not a lot, just a bit.  So after seeing this lovely but frankly pointless quilt on the purl bee, I decided to have a bash at a teeny tiny quilted pillow for abi's doll.  It looks pretty crap so far, here's hoping its one of those things which looks increasingly shite as you make it, but then once its finished looks really lovely.  Here's hoping...
Btw, I just noticed this very lovely and quick-looking cardi pattern on there too...looks like the fair isle is sl st rather than actual fair isle, which would make it pretty straightforward and quick, must look properly...sleeves are a bit lazy aren't they...and I think the pattern is actually fair isle, which is hardly worth bothering with for such a simple pattern, hmm.  Gosh I am harsh.

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