Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday - More things for the children

Sorry haven't posted for a couple of days, been v busy visiting family and having poorly children.  But, Abi has been nursing daniel, so its all good
Meanwhile, I have been secretly knitting this rabbit for abi's birthday (which still needs a face and a pompom tail)

The proportions are a little...wacky...but I love it.  I think abi will too because its soooo soft and lovely, knitted from an alpaca/cotton mix, and stuffed with wool.  I used these directions from mamamoontime (but changed a lot for the chunkier yarn and to knit ears), which make the sort of toy you would find in a steiner kindergarten.  We already have a toy cat knitted in this style but the head was made separately, whereas this is all from one rectangle!
That ball becomes the head.

See!  Then the four corners become legs.

Also I realised it is valentines day soon.  I usually buy the children a chocolate heart or something like my old ma used to, and often make or buy a little gift.  I thought I'd knit Dan a heart shaped lavender thing cos he loves lavender.  Knitting hearts is tricky but I was determined to figure it out for myself as I never quite like the ones I've seen around, I think I will like this once blocked

And I might knit a little heart necklace for abs.

Whilst travelling in the car yesterday, I started knitting another 'thing' towards abis birthday dolly clothes.  I didn't know what to knit, just wanted something mind-numbing, so threw some wool and needles in my bag as it was the last thing on my mind really with two children to organise and make vaguely presentable.  But this is nearly finished now, a little dolly skirt

It was pretty slow going as I had to keep putting it down to, you know, pass junk food to the children, pass teddy bear who had been thrown on floor, etc etc.  many times over.  But I am quite pleased as it is the first knitted hem I have done in the round/magic looped.  I heart knitted hems.  Sadly this one is a little under par as, after turning the hem, you should go up a needle size (or, more accurately, you should do that first bit in a smaller needle size) which is how come my hem is a little flared.  But seeing as how it is for a skirt, I think its OK.  I slipped every alt st on the first rd of each new colour to make the stripes a teeny bit more exciting.  Because its easy to do that in the dark.  I knitted a fair bit in the pitch black but eventually had to give up as I was scared of totally messing it up, although when I looked in the morning I'd only knitted one sl st so I should have just carried on really.

Well, thats all for now!


  1. Wow you've been busy! That rabbit is adorable.

    Carole x

  2. thanks I'm quite pleased with it! Though I seem to be better at knitting lots of little things than committing to one bigger thing...hmm!

  3. I love that rabbit, it's gorgeous. Hope everyone is better now.


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