Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Tuesday - knitting group

Went to knitting group today, huzzah!  Lots of sitting and knitting and not a lot else!  Made a little easter nest, must now knit or felt some eggs to put in it.  And then not forget about it by the time easter actually gets here

Yesterday I nearly finished this dress.  nearly.  I must make myself finish that last bit because I'm sure once she can wear it I won't think its as crap as I do right now

Also today I have indulged in more furniture-moving, a hobby always guaranteed to make me feel good.  Living room not quite presentable, but am loving the little bench here next to the shoes, as it wasn't really being loved in the living room.
Used to be one of those Ikea rocking benches, til a rocker broke.  So I took them off and painted it.  It was actually quite dangerous with the rockers if more than one child was on it!

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