Sunday, 10 July 2011

Saturday stuff

Mmmm we picked these today...

One chap said they are 'cherry plums', and another said greengages. Either way they are yummy and sweet and sour and may ripen a little more on the windowsill!

Also mordanted 200g merino

In case I found something worth dyeing on our walk, but there was too much yummy stuff to pick.

We also made little tiny fairy cakes. I'm trying to grow out of icing any cake I bake, so these were livened up with mixed spice and caraway seed, which we all found very yummy indeed.

And meg, they're yours! Pm me your address and I'll be glad to finish them for you, pg mamas have plenty of baby things to knit (I'm so jealous!) so you deserve something for you! X

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