Saturday, 9 July 2011


Firstly thanks for yesterday's comments, I managed to find a computer earlier at the library but, like my phone, it wouldn't let me return the favour, hmph. Is blogger being weird at the moment? Anyway no the jumper isn't machine washable, but I tend to wash woollens as little as possible so it's not a problem.

And she is starting to like pink rather a lot, but is still happy to allow other colours into her life, thank Gaia. Long may that last!

Anyway, my slippers are looking thoroughly pathetic. I love them and their many darns but they are a little embarrassing. So the other day I found a funky looking pattern called 'duffers' and decided to give it a bash. I'm usually hesitant with patterns for felted items as most are written with American washers in mind. Not silly uk ones which you can't stop mid cycle, you just have to pray. But this seemed to be a uk pattern so I went with it, and hoped for the best.

They knitted up good and fast. But look...

A pre-felted slipper should surely not come that close to fitting. Admittedly, I have big size 8 feet. So I followed the writers direction for sizing up, to a size 9 as I know this yarn likes to felt a LOT. But I wasn't feeling good about it.
But now they were knitted there wasn't a lot else to do but try it (apart from felt by hand which I cannot do)
Anyway, doesnt it look lovely?

I'd estimate it came out at about a size 3, and I managed to stretch them to about a 6. I can get my foot in, but it hurts. A lot. Sigh, felting can be cruel. If anyone nice has size 6 feet, I'll knit them the other one too and you're welcome to the bastards.

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  1. My feet would love the slippers!! At some point, when I don't have baby knitting crowding out my every braincell, I'd knit you something in return...

    (It's Spottysocks Meg from NMs by the way...the slippers are so cool I reckon you'll end up raffling them off though).

  2. That is so cute - what a shame :( (but nice to see you in my blog feed again so soon x)


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