Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday...need to spend more time outside

because when we are indoors we are all bored and grumpy and crazy, but when we are outside we are much jollier

and more chilled

Abi has a new bonnet.  It is not meant to be for her at all, it is the first thing I knitted with the intention of optimistically listing a few bits on etsy.  But somehow my hands seem to know the size of her, and so despite aiming for a 6month ish size, I got abi size.  And it suits her.  And her aviatrix was never as warm as I would have liked (I will never buy debbie bliss again, always so disappointing) but I love the simplicity of this.  If you would like a toddler size bonnet, cast on 12 on 5mms with chunky yarn.  Inc 12 in every alt rd 3 or 4 times.  Inc 6 in every alt round til you have 72 sts.  Knit st back and forth, with 4 sts g st at beg and end of rs.  When you get just past the ear, work some symmetrical short rows to the 10th, 15th, then 20th st on each side.  Then change to 3.5mms (cos loose bonnets will flap in the wind) and k a couple rows g st and cast off. OK?  if that makes no sense and you would like it written a bit more clearly I could do that.  I was reading somewhere the other day that bonnets used to be so popular because it was believed they would prevent sticky-out ears.  I feel a bit let down in my rosy-spec view of the past, I just thought it was cos they are sweet and easier to tie on.  Hmm.

Here is a back of head/neck/little tuft of abi hair pic for my ma, cos I know she loves these ones...(and also shows increases!)

here is dan walking on a breakwater.  he kept doing this which was quite scary.  My friend aske him to get down at one v narrow bit cos he was making her feel edgy...he did make it look a bit dangerous.

The other day I bought this bit of crappy junk/cute little vintage basket, and dan said I should make it a lid.  So I did!  Turned out to be pretty straightforward.

You just sort of cut out a couple of bits for the top, and a couple of strips for the side.  Then sew the elasticated strips between the top bits and turn it out the right way and sew on some buttons and loops.  And then when you fold up the sides they magically cling to the handle which is unexpected but cool.  I got carried away and made matchy napkins too.

This little project made me so happy as it filled an evening in the most satisfactory way and has turned out better than I could have reasonably expected, given the general crappy level of my sewing
And, most exciting sight to my eyes...childrens art stuff.  We found this under dan's bed whilst sorting out his room together and now it is being loved again

Gotta love ikea.

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  1. Oh thankyou!!!-love the basket lid, too! x


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