Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wednesday (I think its Wednesday?) - More mushrooms

Argh I am going to admit defeat on stranded mushrooms vs. tubular knitting.  I don't often rip stuff out cos it HURTS and I'd rather things just looked a bit crap, so the fact I even considered ripping this means it is the right thing to do.  Its not just the tricky aspect though, tubular knitting with a single knitted surround never looks perfectly square and I just want it neat!  So I will try knitting the mushroom on plain ol' stocking stitch.  Here is the little mushroom pattern I drew, I hope it comes out OK once its stretched a bit in st st...will it even be recognisable as a mushroom?  Does it even resemble a mushroom in the pic below?  All this and more remains to be seen.
And, just because it was one of those moments were you think 'aww you look cute despite the fact you are wearing crap I made'...


  1. Might your mushroom benefit fron knitter's graph paper?

    I'm looking forward to seeing the mats!

  2. that would be v handy, thanks for the link! Sadly I have no printer so will just have to bodge it for now...thankyou for commenting!


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