Saturday, 22 January 2011

Saturday - gloves

I have some fingerless gloves I knitted ages ago from rainbow yarn.  A friend noticed them and asked me to knit her some.  I hate knitting for other people so I told her I don't where I can get the yarn anymore (which is true anyway).  They bug me a bit though because they are acrylic, and I have become a snob.  Also being acrylic, they aren't all that warm.

So I thought, well I'll just knit myself some more fingerless gloves, which would be a fun thing to do.  And I could give her the rainbow ones if she likes them that much.  I am trying to be the sort of person who only has one of each thing you see.  And encouraging the children to be the same.  Because it is much easier to find your gloves in the hat/scarf/glove/crap basket, if you only own one pair each.

So here is the first one
Its quite chunky but thats good.  Its a wool/alpaca mix so warm, but not too scratchy.  I didn't want great long cuffs on them, long cuffs are good for warmth, but if I want to be the sort of warm which requires draught exclusion I will wear proper gloves or mittens.  If I just fancy a bit of fingerless glove type warmth, I want them short and to the point and not getting in the way of things.  I knitted the same pattern as in abi's socks cos I liked it, it makes them a bit thicker, and its easy.

Its nice and warm.  The thumb is done by knitting a bit of scrap yarn across a few sts halfway up, then when its finished, snipping out the scrap and picking up the sts left loose.  Last time I tried this it left little gaps on either side, so this time I picked a couple of sts up on each side as well (if you see what I mean) and that was most satisfactory.

I'll put the pattern up if you like.


  1. I don't think I've ever visited your blog before but thought I would come and say hello!

    Carole xx

  2. Ah thankyou! I hope you come again!


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