Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Oh yesterday was bad. My mum came to visit, first time I've seen her in months. Just as we sit down for a chat, the washing machine starts pissing water everywhere. Being the fool I am, I turned it off and opened the door. Instant flood, half hour mopping up. In my dash I knocked over a tealight I'd just blown out, tipping wax all over 3 hand knitted garments. Amazingly, I didn't cry. (and have now ironed it all out.) I nearly cried when I took abi for her vaccination though. Deciding to vacc was quite big for us.

All that, and aunt flo came to visit too, hurrah!!! So I deserved this, oh yes:

Today I relaxed with dan in front of star wars with my knitting

And dan with his knitting bee

Because watching tv is no excuse to be idle!!
And now I have the scent of Xmas cake fruit soaking in brandy to soothe my shattered nerves...

Mmmmm. Slowly but surely, Xmas is coming!

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