Friday, 22 July 2011

Beautiful day

Just beautiful little things. Apparently this gnome is 'ukkle sam'!

I noticed the bowl of modelling wax on the windowsill was right in the sunshine, and all the bits were so soft! So I decided to take the opportunity to sort out the random bits and blobs and mix them into pleasant shapes, easier to start with when they aren't so warm. And who can resist colour...deer is eating

I can't believe she actually made little green leaves!

Then I did some chores and when I came back, all the blobs had disappeared. Concerned, I asked Abi where they could I have missed this! Shed lined them all up so beautifully

And finally, best of all, a wonderfully shattering walk on the downs, I have a lovely picture but forgot to ask friend if I could share it as her son is in it. Well I don't really even like asking in case people feel obliged to say yes! But it is a fab picture of our boys up a tree!
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  1. Heh, my first reaction was, "Oh no. She ate them, didn't she?" Subtle differences between kids and dogs. :)


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