Monday, 4 April 2011

Monday...crochet and washing and all that

Monday, first day of the week.  With extra joy for the sunny weather and knowing that tomorrow, my mama will be here for a visit.  Look at this little flower, thrusting up from a little crack in the pavement, determined to enjoy life
and this young thing, dashing about on his bike
and a little lady taking a stroll in the sunshine
anyway, now matters either more interesting or more trivial, depending on one's perspective...

I am crocheting a THING
have you ever made a THING?  Something for which you may or may not have an idea of its intended finished state?  Something which you hope will serve a certain purpose but are unwilling to admit it until you know for sure it comes off?  I have made many THINGS, some more successful than  others.  This thing will have to wait to be finished and felted until its fate is known.

Also, the yarn I dyed with onion skins finally finished drying today, thanks to the sunshine
And, just to make full use of that glorious warming force, I got round to some handwashing

Nothing  I can do will ever stop the feet of those tights being such a filthy colour...well possibly cleaning my floors more often may have helped


  1. Oh, THINGS. Sometimes the sense of mystery is fun, sometimes its terrifying and frustrating. I hope your THING comes out right,

    The onion skins gave a gorgeous color. What mordant did you use? When I tried onions I ended up with a rather anemic color payoff but I would like to try again because when it comes out, it's so pretty.

  2. Ha! Love it! Any attempt at crochet has so far produced a THING!

    What will come of the onion-dyed yarn??? Can't wait to see!

  3. I've seen this onion skin malarkey about with mixed success but yours I like very much! Not sure I've ever made a thing. I've made 'swatches' with no project in mind but never a thing.


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