Thursday, 3 March 2011

I am soooo impatient...

I had lots of things in the kitchen with which one could potentially dye stuff.  I had 100g unbleached cotton, for which I had no special intentions.  But, alum mordant in post still :(

Then, it occurred to me that it is of course imperative that before dying mordanted yarn, I have an idea of how the dyes will behave without mordant first :D

From left to right these are tea, undyed, stinging nettle (dried, which is why it was crap, but dried stinging nettle is always a thing worth using up anyway in case you are tempted to make foul tea with it), and turmeric

And there is are tea, MADDER and turmeric.  I think this might be the start of a 'thing' for madder...I totally did this all wrong, added boiling water (tut) didn't grind it (hasty) etc...and its so pretty! Of course these colours won't be fast enough to wash etc, but I might knit some little bowls or baskets ro something like that. Whatever it becomes, I think it will be hugely satisfying!

And today, the alum came through my letterbox hurrah!  But now, I have no yarn left :( well, only white cotton, which I guess won't take dye as well as the unbleached?

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