Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Day 3 Knitting and crochet blog week...Tidy mind, Tidy stitches?? 2KCBWDAY3

Um, I guess this doesn't say a lot about my state of mind...
tut, look at abi sticking her cute ickle hand in the bag of toy stuffing
a pic of where I keep my usual WIP, which I took yesterday but now looks like this
where I keep hibernating projects (I try not to look at this too often, can you tell?)

some felting supplies:

and half a fleece waiting for carding:
and the box where I keep every tail I cut off after weaving...very nice for toddlers to play with, to darn socks, sew on buttons, make repairs, embroider faces on toys etc etc
My original plan was to take some after pics this morning, after tidying it all up.  But you can guess why I haven't done that! 


  1. That makes me feel so much better about posting my disorganised chaos lol

  2. I love that you keep all your ends - what a good idea!

  3. I don't think that your supplies are in such a mess! There is actually a method to the madness! I'm in denial about the state of stash, which makes posting about it hard!

  4. thanks, its true caffeine girl, I have a special mess for each 'thing'!

  5. We're basket twins. Mine is meant to be for WIP but it's just full of crap. Oops.

    Love your WIP and thanks for following my blog. From reading yours it seems we have things in common :-D

  6. I'm so happy I am not the only one with a messy craft corner XD

  7. ms c I lvoe that we are basket twins! WIP's and other random UFO's look so much more homely in a basket!

  8. I love your yarny leftovers box! I always just stuff mine into the bottom of the yarn basket, haha.


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