Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wednesday, some stuff and that

Ugh I am so sick of  this bloody thing I just cast it off and called it done.
It's the first proper 'thing' I have knitted from a pattern in ages and, no doubt, the last. I didn't check tension, didn't think it would matter much for a sloppy cardi, but if I had I would have decided I don't much like how this knits up like a soppy mohair thing.  Also I didn't buy enough yarn to knit the whole thing, and Rowan discontinued the purple.  Sigh.  So its a bit short, and will be a bed cardi.  And I think it will make a very good bed cardi too due to the cuddly soppiness.  I found some crappy pink plastic buttons in  a jar, which go well with its general soppy crappiness.

Couldn't cope with a pic of it done up.  I thought I liked the look of shalom, but wearing circular yoke with radiating ribs makes me feel like I have my head stuck through a bicycle wheel, ugh. 

In more satisfying news, here is a wee (as yet one-eared) sheep towards the birthday farm:

and here is a little supposedly vintage dolly top from a local vintage shop.  I need to get some courage up to sew some dolly tops and thought this could be a vague template. Also, I like the fabric.  Hope it survives the wash. 50p well spent I reckon.

Forgot to take a pic of the project which is currently given me most pleasure, especially now I have redone the sleeves.  Tomorrow, I think...

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  1. I love your knitting and your patterns and your wonderful way of looking at all things crafty. Your colours inspire me and your pics of what you do are delicious. A fellow traveller : ). Im an artist and illustrator etc and a dedicated crafty, and if you want to see what I am doing please go to The talking cat art website, which I am just putting together now.

    All my appreciation for your blog Anne Michelle


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