Saturday, 5 February 2011

Saturday...stuff and that

Abi's simple raglan vest is nearly finished.  Irritating ran out of yarn a few rows from the bottom...tried to convince myself this length would be OK, but I didn't need much of an excuse to buy more yarn.. Especially this wool/alpaca stuff.  Am pleased with the subtle shaping made by working the sts cast on under the arm in 1x1 rib for about 12 can *just* see the ribbing in these pics, it makes it flare out just very slightly as it hits tummy level. Mmm toddler tummies.
And here's the turmeric dyed coaster.  It is now *the* coaster.  I only need one, because there is only one of me, and not a lot of visitors.  I am going to dye some more cotton with just turmeric, and make filet placemats.  Undecided yet as to whether to dye them solid turmeric, or sort of space dye it again. Hmm.
The colours are much more vivid IRL, more like this (had to hold it up to window for crappy phone pic):
Also, we have been, eating fried mung beans

(I remember these so fondly from girlhood, they are nearly as good as I remember, Abi thought were OK too and tried to feed them to her toy cat, and also her uncle.  Neither of them were as impressed as we were)

Enjoying each other's company:

and waiting for spring...the days are definitely getting gradually brighter, but I'm things will get worse before they get better

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