Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day

How to make two children happy very quickly for £4...
Sorry there's only one child in this picture, I take most family pics with a disposable camera now as I am scared of losing them on my phone!
In the valentines theme, a red frock for abi (which might be a smock top if I run out of yarn!  It now has sleeves but its too dark to get a pic)

new nappies...possibly the funkiest nappies in the world...what possessed me to be sucked in by novelty shit catchers I do not know!
And, much more sensible, lovely yarn (which was in the sale so its OK!)


  1. I love the nappies, what are they?

  2. ooh I should've said shouldn't I, but was worried my mama might be reading and find out how much I spent on incontinence items! (itti tuttos, shhhhhh!) they are lovely though. When I gave them to abi she went oooooh!


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