Saturday, 11 December 2010

Saturday....Xmas is coming!!!

We bought our Christmas tree today!

Had to rearrange furniture to accomodate it's girth! Dan and I are so pleased with it! Abi looked very confused as I dragged it into the house.

So we got the decs out, and collected the knitted ones we'd loaned to the knitting shop...

We have accumulated a lot of home made ones now which is very pleasing. And safer with a toddler about!

I do think they look extra lovely on a real tree.
Had to move the winter display to a windowsill...

So. Much. Fun!


Sliced some oranges for drying:

These will become pot pourri and tree decs.

Made some more shake n vac from bicarbonate, lavender and tea tree

And finally, I just noticed I'm about to pass 5,000 visits! Which is so lovely, thankyou for popping in on my mad rambly world. Do say hi if you feel so inclined!

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