Friday, 3 December 2010


Today has been such a lovely day. Another day off school due to the snow. My favourite Friday moments as inspired by soulemama...

Drawing with abi. I couldn't find a camera at the time, too busy drawing. But we had lots of fun (in the end, after chasing away the hour-before-dinner-grumps)

Painting sticks from our walk for the nature table with dan. Abi didn't feel like joining in on this so we did it together, the boy and I, whilst ignoring abi climbing furniture and throwing things about.

A wintry walk...


Twas a bit like narnia.

Also today, my beloved slipper got a needle felted patch. I would like to do this to both soles...maybe after Xmas

A strange sample of all the decreases I could think of late last night. Because I often can't remember which ones slope which way etc, I thought this might be handy to have in the knitting basket for reference. Maybe I will blog some ramblings about different decreases sometime.

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