Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Been taking pics of random things around the house to put on ravelry. Pointless really but kind of satisfying to see the things all together on a page. There are many silly things I've wasted time knitting, today I documented my crocheted/felted bowl addiction.

This was going to be a set of 3 which would fit together. But the 2nd one is so great for crayons that I stopped there!

Random bowl. Some random tiles live in here, the children are quite fond of them for pattern making, mess making etc.

Nimu gave me this wool. It is so lovely, one of my faves ever. Most went into a cardi for dd, I'm glad there was enough left for this. Perfect for autumn.

Scrappy experiment bowl.

Noro version of same (bad evening pic!)

My names naomi, and I'm addicted to bowls!

Also today...tiger sock!

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