Saturday, 27 November 2010

Saturday - brrrr

Tis chilly today.

We went on a tour of the local castle today, which has re-opened so recently that our lovely volunteer guide knew nothing about it! But she was lovely, and it was a treat to look inside and imagine it as a home

Isn't this window beautiful?

View from the roof!

Don't think that was there in the 16th c.

Then we pootled down to the harbour

Where there are all sorts of delights to look at.

I suppose you could even buy them but that would spoil it somehow.

Twas v cold. Must finish the other one of these. Hopefully this weekend.
And my fave moment today...

I have often imagined abi being old enough to grab a book and sit herself down on the little bench I painted. And now she is. Heart-melting.

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  1. Looks like a lovely but cold weekend. Castles and the sea are two of my favourite places to be.

  2. It was lovely, but i don't fancy being a fisherman at the moment!


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