Thursday, 4 November 2010

Crocheted horsey reins

Here is a pattern for some crocheted horsey reins inspired by some finger knitted ones I've seen. I haven't written a crochet pattern before so hope it's ok.

Worked in dk with a 4mm hook. When changing colour remember to finish previous st with new colour:

And carry old colour acroos previous row, trapping it under new stitches:

Make 27 ch, htr into 3rd ch. Htr in each ch along (25 htr)

2ch, 3htr in red,* 5htr in blue, 2htr in red, rep from * twice more, 1htr in red

Work the above row once more

2ch, 1 htr. In next st, work 1 htr but don't pull loop through to complete stitch, work another htr in next st but to finish pull yarn through all 5 loops on hook (htr2tog). I htr in next st,* change to blue, 3 htr, change to red, 4 htr
rep from * once more, change to blue, 3 htr, change to red, 1 htr, htr2tog, 1 htr.

2ch, 1 htr, htr2tog, *change to blue, 3htr, change to red, 4 htr, rep from * once more, change to blue, 3 htr, change to red, htr2tog, 1htr.

2ch, htr2tog, 1 htr, * change to blue, 1htr, change to red, 6 htr, rep from * once more, change to blue, 1 htr, change to red, 1htr, htr2tog.

2ch, 1htr in each st, fasten off.

Ta da:

Rejoin yarn at either bottom corner, make a ch which will easily fit round your childs chest, and slip st to other corner, being careful not to twist the chain.

Work 4 ss evenly up side of main piece. Now, working into the long chain, work 3dtr, 3tr, htr accross to last 6 ch and reverse first 6 sts worked. Ss to main piece.

Ss about a stitch above into main piece, work 1 dc into each st back along strap. Ss to main piece and fasten off.

Rejoin at top right corner and work a ch long enough to make a comfortable shoulder strap. Ss to opposite point on back strap, work 2 ss along back strap, and then htr back along shoulder strap to last 6 sts, work 3tr, 3dtr,ss to main piece and fasten off. Repeat for other shoulder.

With contrast yarn and slightly smaller hook work 1 row dc all around all straps and edges. Work 3dctog over inside corners for a neat finish and extra strength

Now with 2 strands tog make a chain long enough to be the rein. Use both ends of wool to attach the reins, making sure to anchor them as securely as possible.

Sew in all the ends and that's that.

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