Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Yummy rainbow goodness...I was worried my daughter had got them all dirty whilst 'helping' make these but turns out they were just dark from dampness. Tumble dryer did finish them off nicely.

These have been played with a lot today, but have had to supervise because they are temptingly sweetie-like!

Bought some lovely wool for a friends daughters hat...merino, alpaca and silk mmmmm

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  1. What are the balls for? They look so pretty and a lot of fun! Do you knit with them or is this something you've made FROM the wool? Pardon my ignorance, I'm not very crafty!

  2. They are just made from unspun wool, it's very easy! You roll it into a ball, keep it wet and soapy whilst rolling it in your hands and it gradually felts and shrinks into a firm little ball. I've seen others making them to use as beads bit I think ours will be most appreciated in this form! Thankyou for the comment x


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