Thursday, 10 February 2011

Thursday...finished, but not quite

Yay!  When the ends are sewn in, and I have a satisfactory picture of them on chubby feet, I will try to write out the pattern.  It is totally seamless, done with short rows and magic loop.  I thought I would be annoyed by the jog in the stripes, but actually I quite like it. Or maybe I am just determined to be blind to any faults.

A tiny bonnet knitted from leftover sock yarn, to add to the slow growing stash of dolly clothes for abi's birthday...also still needs ends sewn in...

Been buying junk again...

Dan is mega pleased with his 'bash street kids' desk as he called it!  And it was a good excuse to sort through the stationary junk he owned, far too much for a boy!  Though I've put it away for now as I am terrified of chucking out precious things by mistake.

Also found this little crayon pouch thing I remember making him yonks ago, now appreciated by Abi
Its not exciting, but it made me smile.
Then we did some more crafty sticky messy stuff

before pootling off to get Dan in the rain


  1. I love the rainbow hat! It's so cute! The slippers look so warm and comfy. I may have to make a pair like that myself.

    I had a desk kind of like that when I was little. We cleaned it up and it was my desk up until high school!

    Thanks for joining WIPW!

  2. Thankyou for commenting x I thought about sanding and re-finishing the desk, but dan says he likes seeing the history!


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