Saturday, 18 February 2012

Long time no see

I have barely done any knitting for about 6 months cos I was proper BONKERS but now I am just at usual level of bonkersness, I've knitted a few crappy things and now I have taken up the needles again in earnest and decided to return to blogland because I miss keeping in touch with everyone .... AND.... I am knitting something with my bestest ever yarn ever.

Sadly the photo I have of it does not do it justice, but nevermind, I'll get a better one in daylight sometime.

You might be thinking it doesn't look like much, for which I shall forgive you because it is a crap photo.  But it is in fact abou 200g (maybe more?) of organic kentish wool from a lovely slightly mad woman who I met at the farmers market, who has a shitload of sheep.  She sells the farm's produce at the market and has a sack of yarn in various forms stashed under the table, which one can purchase on the feels a bit naughty.

Anyway, beautiful as it was in its original undyed state, it really got upgraded to most beloved skein of yarn ever when clare came round with an indigo vat last year.  This yarn just had to go in it and since then it has been my most treasured skein, waiting for the PERFECT project. 

But actually I don't believe in the perfect pattern or in letting beautiful skeins of yarn hang around in the drawer of doom waiting indefinitely.  So I decided to just get on and use it.  I have fancied a shawl for yonks but I'm not really the sort of person who wears frilly lacy crap so decided to find a functional simple pattern which I could knit mindlessly and won't take too long (cos after 6 months off, there is plenty of other more practical stuff I could be knitting)

I also wasn't sure about yardage so needed a top down pattern.  Ravelry search indicated that sweet november might be just the ticket, and as I've knitted half the skein up already in 24 hours, I think ravelry was right (once again!) Every row is the same which is fab as I want to knit it all the time, which means I have to put it down all the time.

Only change I've made so far is to work all the left slanting decreases as yo, sl1, k1, psso rather than ssk, for no good reason other than I prefer doing it like that.

Well here's a shit progress picture. I must obtain a proper camera sometime.

Well now I'm going to go and catch up on all the lovely knitting blogs I haven't looked at for yonks and yonks, can't wait :)
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