Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tuesday - stuff

White stuff

Fluffy stuff

Stuff which looked like it was going crap but suddenly went fine

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Monday, 29 November 2010

Monday - steek!

Am knitting Xmas things at the mo so can't really post pictures...well I'll post a little one in honour of my first steek-type-thing

Loaned some knitted Xmas decs to the local knitting shop today so took pics of them all together

Nothing amazing, but made me feel a bit festive!

Also wore my new socks out today! They worked fine..

Wish I didn't have such big feet.

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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday - socks!

Finished my first ever whole pair of socks, hurrah!

Apologies for awful photo, here's a better one of when they were nearly finished

I would share the pattern but it's just a plain bog standard sock, so there you are.

Also today:
Painting snowflakes...

A few real ones outside...

what children do when it looks like they're doing nothing...

I was quite impressed by thus structure, and thought how it's ok to be bored sometimes, otherwise you'd never get to enjoy the funny little things you do when you are slightly bored.
The children also made this...


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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Saturday - brrrr

Tis chilly today.

We went on a tour of the local castle today, which has re-opened so recently that our lovely volunteer guide knew nothing about it! But she was lovely, and it was a treat to look inside and imagine it as a home

Isn't this window beautiful?

View from the roof!

Don't think that was there in the 16th c.

Then we pootled down to the harbour

Where there are all sorts of delights to look at.

I suppose you could even buy them but that would spoil it somehow.

Twas v cold. Must finish the other one of these. Hopefully this weekend.
And my fave moment today...

I have often imagined abi being old enough to grab a book and sit herself down on the little bench I painted. And now she is. Heart-melting.

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Friday, 26 November 2010


This Friday I am grateful for...

Good chocolate:

Homemade chocolate biscuits

Warm mittens for hiding behind...

So you can pop out at your brother!
I don't know why I used the buggy this afternoon, she was in the sling this morning like usual and its much cosier in this weather.  It is fun to get the buggy out sometimes though, and see her look around at the world, pointing to birds and playing with her brother.

Figuring out tubular cast on. Like most knitting 'things', not as difficult as anticipated.

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Been taking pics of random things around the house to put on ravelry. Pointless really but kind of satisfying to see the things all together on a page. There are many silly things I've wasted time knitting, today I documented my crocheted/felted bowl addiction.

This was going to be a set of 3 which would fit together. But the 2nd one is so great for crayons that I stopped there!

Random bowl. Some random tiles live in here, the children are quite fond of them for pattern making, mess making etc.

Nimu gave me this wool. It is so lovely, one of my faves ever. Most went into a cardi for dd, I'm glad there was enough left for this. Perfect for autumn.

Scrappy experiment bowl.

Noro version of same (bad evening pic!)

My names naomi, and I'm addicted to bowls!

Also today...tiger sock!

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Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Wifi is back and rambling resumed. It was knitting group today. I am knitting small socks. One has ended up just a smudge shorter than the other so will have to chop the toe off and do a few more rows. Sigh. That's what happens if you don't have a pattern!

Reading children (I took pity on my ancient copy of Nicholas nickleby after this and swapped it for an atlas which apparently was crap so the peace didn't last long)

Cakes on a doily. Nice sticky sweet coffee cakes.

Rubbish pic, it's a vivid purple. Doilies look much more interesting in mad colours. They shouldn't be variegated though, IMO.

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Oh dear.

Our Internet connection isn't working. Even though I usually post from my phone I can't post pics etc without wifi :( hopefully it'll be back soon...

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Light in the living room went today and we didn't have any spare bulbs! This made a nice change until it got a bit scary with children dancing around.

How will I knit tonight??? Am now past armholes of shalom and panicking about the changes I'd like to make. Why can I never just knit something the way I'm told to?

Also today:
Made saltdough (haven't done much craft of the messy type with dd for a little while, we made up for it today)

We used 11 oz salt, same of plain flour, I tbsp oil and 7 fl oz water. Excellent stuff.

To make a candle holder:

Usually I'd start the drying out in the oven, but it does swell a little and I need that candle to fit in! So they will just have to clutter up the dining room for days on end until we can paint them.

The new Cath kidston book came through...and I'm working on a rip-off of their pincushion

also some painting so I could clean up the saltdough stuff...when one mess disappears, another one always shows up. The anticipation of mess is always worse than the reality though...one damp terry had baby and then floor clean in a jiffy.

A fresh bright wintry walk into town after school

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Havent got much to say today really. Have just been knitting shalom

I really need a proper camera!

Didn't manage to get to knitting group today for one reason and another :-( never mind.
When dd woke me at some ungodly hour this am I noticed this sunrise before falling back into bed with her attached

Also:abi wearing one of daniels old (acrylic :-0) cardigans. I loved this, think it was my first cabled thing.

(dodgy bf pic)

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Monday, 15 November 2010


Went to lys today. Very dangerous, because it is the sort of knitting shop which has lots of lovely posho wool beautifully displayed, and hides the acrylic in a dark corner. Bought this

Which is merino and mohair, but feels like it has silk in it. It doesn't feel like a bulky weight wool but it is, which is fab cos I wanted it for a shalom for me! It will be the first actual garments I have knitted for myself

I need to knit as fast as possible cos I can really only afford one ball at a time! So I need to finish before she sells any more, otherwise it will be a rainbow cardi.

Blocked my first snowflake (from attic 24) last night. Decided to use cotton and a 3mm hook (ouchie) and was regretting it, but now it's blocked I like it and it feels like it won't lose it's shape.

Also today:

A crisp, almost wintry school run

Drawing with doggie (my heart melted at this)

The only way to eat mash.

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