Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Legging longies

I came up with this pattern because I wanted some longies which would not drag on the ground now my daughter can walk. I don't find the common baggy style very practical. Also, I thought this style would look nice under a dress, more like tights.  I've linked to the pattern on ravelry here

It is worked in double knit as I didn't want them to be bulky seeing as they are quite fitted. I worked them on straights because I find knitting in the round tedious, but you could easily work it in one piece if you are so inclined. Specific leg/rise measurements are not given because using your child will give a better fit.

The snug fit at the ankles means you can get away with making them a bit too long as well to allow for growth. There is a lotnof room for a big bottom though...we often use them over a soaker as well when out and about. They fitted fine when I made them for my 16 month old, and look like they will fit for a long time to come! Which is good because it felt like they took a long time to knit, but I was a bit nervous about how they'd come out. Well, I think they're perfect! There's a few short rows and I made an elastic waistband but you could easily do a drawstring instead. Length of leg etc would also be easily adjustable. They have a big big behind, if you have a skinny baby you might like to decrease a little before the waistband to reduce bulk. My baby is chubby and doesn't mind.

Co 36 on 3.25 mm with dk and work 1x1 rib for 2 inches
Change to 3.75 and k 1 row, incing 4 STs evenly across the row (40)
P one row
* Inc one st at beg and end of next row
Work three rs st st
Rep from * to 80 sts then cont straight til reqd length.
Co 2 sts at beg of next 2 rs for crotch and work 2 rs straight.
K 38, wrap, turn and p back to end.
K 36, wrap, turn and p to end
Cont working short rows dec by 2 sts each time until final short row
of 24 sts.
Cont straight on all sts til you have the desired rise. Then change back to 3.25 mm k one row on the wrong side to make a neat ridge for turning. Knit straight for about an inch and a half and cast off.

Make another leg the same but reversing the short row shaping and join them together!

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  1. They look great - what gorgeous colours :-)

  2. they look great! ideal like you say for walkers and lovely yarn choice which really suits your lo :D

  3. These are so cute. I'd like to try them, too. How much wool did you use?

  4. Hello
    I am an old gramma who doesn't have the coordination to knit with dpns, but I have two new grands, one born Aug 29 and one Nov 7 and I would very much like to knit them each a pair of these.
    I do not live where they live and in the one Aug 29 case - her name is Sierra I am not even able to contact them.
    So being as I'm shooting in the dark anyways do you have any pointers for me for size wise? I think Sierra is pretty thin, but Dylan is probably just an average baby.
    thank you for listening and any help you can give. ann


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