Sunday, 7 November 2010

Simple Sunday

I dislike frivolity in knitting (apart from at Xmas of course!) I don't mind a bit of pattern, but not just for the sake of it you know? Anyway I saw a pattern for a pothandler in a friends book and had to make it because I could tell that a. It would actually work as a pothandler, and b. It was beautifully simple.

It is a double fabric but done in tubular knitting. But the satisfying thing is that the Borders are a single fabric. But the whole thing is done at once, both fabrics and border, by increasing for the tubular bit and then decreasing back to the original number of sts to finish it. There is also no purling at all, and no dpns or circs. I love it a lot.

I was going to give it to the owner of the book cos she also dyed the wool and gave it to me, but figured I am the only person insane enough to want a pothandler which cannot be machine washed. So I'll have to buy some cotton!

Dan made scones today, pretty much by himself which required a lot of restraint from me but was worth it!

Meanwhile abi did this

Then they both danced to tschaikovsky

And played. There's nothing like a basket with hundreds of funny little things in to keep children quiet

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