Friday, 18 February 2011

friday...hard at play

first you have to tuck yourself in and get comfy

then you have to tuck big dolly in on your left

and little dolly in on the right

but this makes the 'blanket' all crinkly, or someone's toe is poking out, and you have to pretend to huff and puff like I probably do when somethign is going wrong and start all over again.  But eventually, you will be tucked in, with your dollies, next to mummy.

It actually took her half an hour, I was not allowed to help at all, or provide a blanket larger than her muslin!  It was a lovely snuggly game to have her work at whilst I snuggled next to her and knitted.

Tomorrow I hope to post all about dan, who is getting a bit neglected here, as his hat should be finished by then!


  1. precious! I love how real 'the game' is to them, how they get so absorbed by it. I love the vest your little girl is wearing too!

  2. so cute! really reminds me of my Lily when she was that age!

  3. awww thanks, it is a wonderful age isn't it!


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