Monday, 17 January 2011

Monday - I'm back! Scarves and socks

Woo I finally have a proper internet connection, hurrah!  Which is lucky as I have really missed blogging!
My latest knitting pleasure has been this lacy baktus...knitted from 100% silk it is an absolute dreeeeam to knit and feel.  Mmmmmm.  I spent quite a while just squishing it before deciding its fate.  It is the most expensive skein of yarn I have ever bought by a loooong way, but sooo worth it.  The only time I've taken it off was to try this:

And of course, it looks so much better on her than me.  Shawls tied this way make me think of larkrise to candleford, which is my only weakness.  I am definitely going to knit another bigger one of these someday, so that I can wear it the same way.  Probably not from silk though, unless I get me a sugar daddy.  Am trying very hard not to buy this orange skein, because I'm not really an orange person.  If you are, you should get it.

Also, I have been on a sock drive.  Here's the latest pair.

You're going to have to excuse my awful phone pictures until I can get me a digital camera.  I do have one but its no better than the phone! 

Soon I will do a post about all the socks I've knitted since xmas.  I'm addicted.

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