Wednesday, 8 December 2010


It's v frustrating not discussing Xmas knitting. But I can show you this...

A lovely parcel to brighten my day! So exciting. I sat at the big table with it carefully in laid in front of me. Because I don't often buy wool for meeeee, it's v exciting. Since the socks and shalom, I seem to be getting good at it though! Here it is...

Sorry for as-ever dreadful photos. I will try to get a nice photo when it's wound up into a ball. I love this very very much. It is 100% silk, absolutely scrummy, and the most pleasing shades of intense purple. I think it needs to be some sort of neck thing. It is a light dk weight, so hopefully in the new year it can become something.

Also today...we met up with friends. Which is very tiring

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